Welcoming new users with trust level messages

By default user on-boarding is handled by the Discourse narrative bot. It’s a great feature in general, but at times you might not want to welcome new users with a bot. This how-to lists the steps involved to set up on-boarding with the trust level messages sent by the site contact user.

Set up the site contact user

All automated messages are sent by the site contact user. It’s the system user by default. You can change this by modifying site contact username in Settings:


Then set up this user or modify the system user, so it shows up the way you like (username, Full Name, avatar, groups and flairs, contact options,…). E.g:


Modify the default discobot settings

Filter Settings for narrative bot and disable the welcome post. Probably also disable public replies:

Customize system messages

Discourse sends out messages for each trust level promotion. The messages can be customized in admin/customize/site_texts. The variable names are:

  • Trust Level 1 message
  • Trust Level 2 message
  • Trust Level 3 message

Customize the narrative bot messages

If you want users to still engage with the discobot tutorial, you should mention in the tl1 message that it can be triggered by replying @discobot start tutorial.

Then you should probably adjust the initial message of the bot. The variables for this message are:

  • Discobot hello message

Time the on-boarding

With this setup new users won’t receive an immediate notification after they signed up. Instead the first message is the tl1 welcome message (default title: Thanks for spending time with us). You can time this message by adjusting tl1 requires in settings:



:partying_face: And we’re good to go! Now users receive the first welcome message from the site contact user you defined:


And with whatever user setup and message text you modified: