Topic Banners

This component lets you render any topic as a banner on custom url paths.

The default look is pretty basic. The screenshot shows the default Welcome topic as a banner on the Latest list:

But banners will render various content that is supported on topics, e.g. emojis, animations, video links… So you could use (and abuse) this in many ways :see_no_evil:

In Settings, you select views by their relative url and topics by their id. You can also position the banners on one of three different plugin-outlets and only show them to a specific group:

:+1: Credits: The widget code for this component is essentially a copy of the Category Sidebars component.

:cd: Repository: GitHub - nolosb/discourse-topic-banners: A Discourse theme component. Renders any topic as a banner on custom url paths.

:parrot: Discussion: Topic Banners component - theme-component - Discourse Meta