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Make launched a product and brand re-design from Integromat in early 2022. The existing Integromat community was hosted as a Facebook group. As the two products were planned to run alongside for some time, Make wanted to start a new community from scratch and had already chosen Discourse for the platform.

The activity on Facebook suggested the main motivation for members was peer support and sharing knowledge and skills. I advised to embrace this focus for the new design as well and keep the structure simple to allow for easy future adjustments as the community grows.

On the welcoming banner we feature three access routes:

We kept the number of public categories limited:

And rather focused on a rich set of tags for fine-grained and flexible organization:

On the categories we keep the list views simple as support-centered communities typically profit from fast and easy scanning:

Iā€™m curious to see the community growing! So far the stats confirm a heavy focus on member-driven support:

Screenshot from 2022-08-02 14-06-11

:card_file_box: Project Scope: Consultation, Concept, Theme Design, Theme Development

:globe_with_meridians: Live site:

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